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Rhodes-Joseph & Tobiason Advisors, LLC

Donna Rhodes Joseph and Pete Tobiason
About Rhodes-Joseph & Tobiason Advisors, LLC

Rhodes-Joseph & Tobiason Advisors is an independent Employee Benefits Coaching and
Consulting Company headquartered in Stamford, Conn.  We focus on strategic benefits leadership
and management for employers and career growth for HR and employee benefits professionals.  We
partner with employers looking to effectively manage their benefits programs through our Rent-A-
Benefits Director™ services.  We coach individuals looking to grow their careers in employee benefits
through our Grow Your Benefits Career™ coaching practice.

Our services also include training and advisory services for benefits providers, advisors and brokers.  
We bring a unique combination of employer experience and perspective to our clients, delivering
value through creative, innovative and practical solutions to employee benefits challenges.
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